The Simplistic Professional and Ardynn Media Group are proud to announce the launch of their new Online Magazine for the Food and Lifestyle Space.

Simply Ardynn

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Welcome to Simply Ardynn, The Simplistic Professional and Ardynn Media Groups homage to all the busy professionals across America that are passionate about their food and the way it brings people together.

Simply Ardynn is the complete, interactive cooking guide for professionals looking for that Exquisitely Rustic, Interactive Food Experience.  No matter what your skill level in the kitchen is, our simple step-by-step instructions make even the most advanced recipe easy to prepare.

Besides finding a great mix of classic and original recipes, you will notice that they span the globe as far as their influence.  We have always believed in exposing our family and friends to different types of cuisines, and if we can make an experience out of the simplest of meals at the same time, then we have done well.

Creating memories for my kids and family has been an important part of being a…

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