How to Perform a Social Media Competitive Analysis

“With huge percentages of our marketing budgets now going to creating social Media content, professionals and brands need to be conducting multi-level, competitive analysis on a regular basis. Unlike the Competitor Analysis a company does prior to launching a new product, social media usage and engagement changes constantly...thus the need to conduct new analysis’ regularly.”... Continue Reading →


Create a consistent set of icons in Sketch for your Personal or Professional Brand

“As a professional graphic designer and brand expert I have a love-hate relationship with technology, in particular the development of the iPad. For the bulk of my professional career, I was able to charge handsomely for my highly, developed skill sets. Now, when you combine physical tech with advances in internet-based social platforms, the average... Continue Reading →

How to be a better speaker: presenting and pitching tips

The thought of standing on stage and talking to a packed auditorium might make you want to dry-heave in the corner. But public speaking can be one of the most effective tools for self-promotion in a designer's armoury, instantly giving you credibility as an expert and supercharging word-of-mouth about your services. However, the skills involved... Continue Reading →

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