Dadology and Design

Being a father is just about the best job there is. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank the all mighty for giving me the opportunity to share my life with three wonderful, little versions of myself.

Now, there was no job description that accompanied the offer laid before us, but Danny and I both knew that the next course in our lives had been mapped out and we would simply rise to each challenge as it came. And boy, have the challenges come…..sometimes about a dozen at a time. So we cross the line between parent and professional and apply the skill set that serves us best. MULTI-TASKING!!!!

Multi-tasking takes on a new meaning when you literally throw time out the window and set a unique pace that works for you and your family. Keeping things simple and elastic really helps maintain the peace around our household.

Elastic? Is that how he describes life as a dad? YOU BET!

The past few weeks have tested the limits for our family as we faced some medical issues with one of the kids that sent us to the ER multiple times and saw breathing machines set up at home for those bad asthma attacks. Talk about scary, and it was our job as fathers to make sure that our fear never showed and to do everything we could to elevate our child’s fear.

What I came up with was her fascination of photo filter apps on the iPhone and the transition to actual graphic design. Besides that fact that it was a lot of alone time with daddy, her attention was diverted from being ill to a project that held her in thrall for hours at a time.

We started out learning how to create a transparent background and use only a portion of a photo as a single element of the overall project. PopAGraph is the App of choice for this and combined with ScrapPad she discovered the wonders of layering. Each time she created a flawless piece for her, yet to be completed picture of about 25 layers, she beamed with pride as she showed me.

I have never seen her spend so much time on a single task and she loves the one on one attention from me….DADDY.

I have taken my inherent need to push educational activities with something that is seen as a game. We did talk about the fact that she is learning a new skill set and how it will apply to other things as she gets older. When she realized that what she was doing could be used as final images for a website, she got really excited and asked if the next thing we work on together is how to build one. So why not. They are teaching coding in some elementary classes now so we can just jump ahead and get her started now. They even have Apps for Kids to Blog and so I signed her up for KidsBlog as the next father – daughter project.

The point is, I keep my life simplified by finding unique ways to integrate my own professional needs (needed to learn the PopAGraph App myself) with those of my family. Half an hour that normally would have been spent separate has turned into quality time together. And my professional skill set has increased.

Just another bit of Dadology that helps me lead the life of A Simplistic Professional!

Michael Harris-Arzon
Simplistic Professional



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