Simplify the Tech Upgrade Process


A few days a go I read a quick snippet about Apple releasing the IOS 7.0.6 Security Update. It has to do with the SSL Certificate Authentication. So when I received simultaneous notifications (a few hours later), I decided to go ahead and upgrade my iPad and iPhone and get it over with.

Nightmare from hell, with every old demon that had been vanquished having come back to haunt me!

The updates seemed to go through fine on both devices and I monitored them until they reached the installation or final phase. When I came back about a half hour later I had an image on the screen indicating that I need to plug into iTunes (via PC or Mac).

No problem, one thing I have liked about Apple products, platform design and tech support has been the simplicity and ease with which I have been able to accomplish the most difficult of tasks. But Not Today! . When I plugged the iPad into my laptop, I was informed that I needed to restore my iPad and it had to be done back to factory settings and ALL MEDIA AND DATA WOULD BE ERASED. I figured this was a mistake and moved forward since I had no other options if I wanted use of my iPad back.

In the back of my head I thought

It will simply restore via iCloud and to the last backup. So I thought. Because I had an issue with my iPhone over the holidays and once I replaced the needed part, it restored back to the exact layout and App Configuration I had had previously.

It was like a brand new iPad and I was forced to manually choose every App I wanted to have regular use to. For me that meant about 500 Apps out of over 900 ( remember we have tested and reviewed a lot of Apps and technology over the years so have more than the average professional). It took almost an entire day for the initial download and the half the day today relaying it all out so that I can work effectively.

I learned a harsh lesson and that is that I needed to be documenting my iPad and other smart devices the same as I would any client project. Keep it simple and have everything mapped out to keep things simple and easy to find. I think of it as a digital library or filing cabinet that has the Michael Harris-Arzon Decimal System in place.



So……I finally have my core business tool back in hand and have taken dozens of screen shots to show exactly what was where…just in case this ever happens again. When you use so many different tools and the bulk of then are occasional, it is impossible to remember what the icon looks like (and it isn’t helped that the developers are constantly changed them!). I had to open many of them up before I could decide if it was worth reloading.

Now I have a map in place that is saved via iCloud,, DropBox and on a portable TB Server.

The suggestion today is to map out your screens and programs to avoid timely delays. I mean really people, you’ve already done the work and created files and hopefully you automatically backup to the cloud….now finish things and take a few minutes to:

1: take screen shots of each page on your device.
2: go back to beginning and open each file and take those screen shots.
And for those really anal, dedicated professionals like myself
3: create an idea map for complete visualization.

Small tasks such as this will make the upgrading process easier in the future, especially if you switch platforms and can’t simply FireWire or Restore via iCloud (another reason we backup to multiple platforms and hard devices.)

Michael Harris-Arzon
The Simplistic Professional



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