Takes REALTORS By Storm

Every day that goes by it seems that it becomes more difficult to maintain ones brand. No matter how familiar you may be with technology and you may even have a pretty good balanced marketing strategy (When I say balalanced, I mean between using tech based mediums and tried and true traditional marketing like billboards and newspaper ads.) the tools we have just gotten used to do an update and we fall back down the learning curve.

As a Real Estate Professional, a good portion of your job revolves around engaging and building relationships with existing and potential clients. The old days of sending out holiday and birthday cards are behind us. We spend hours each week talking on Facebook, Tweeting Open Houses and so on. Once we roll the educational aspect of the job into the picture REALTORS realize that they have become Master Librarians as they curate information from across the Internet and Stratosphere for their client base’s unique needs.

I have always been on the look out for anything that is going to simplify my clients life. Recently I came across a post on, that lead me over to Google+ and a viral article about a new platform called


I skimmed the article and had to save for a later date as it was pretty in-depth and I wanted to look into it a bit further as my interest was piqued, yet my schedule wasn’t permitting much leeway that day. Anyway, later the night I had one of my Insomnia moments and decided to splurge and do some catchup reading.

I became entranced with the simplicity of the idea that brought to the table. I could tailor Curated Content to meet any specific need I might have. And as a bonus, I could create as many Topics as I needed (1 for each client and then numerous hyper-targeted for Ardynn Media Group).





Once I signed up and linked all appropriate channels I wanted to share through (you can actually share to your individual Facebook Profile and ANY of the Pages you manage…all at the same time)I realized that it was a bit more complex than my original assumption. But that was alright. The end result is that once you have created your topics and waded through the suggested content you are ready to start Scooping.

It is ideal for REALTORS that only have about a half hour a day to spend on their social media sharing. They need to keep it simple and be able to scan headlines and skim the summary before making the decision to share with their buyers and sellers. Remember, basic rule of thumb is that 90% of information shared should be curated content and NOT sales material or listings!

“Make your work as simple and productive as possible. Let yourself stand out by having ORIGINAL Topics and you will have Simplified Your Entire Life. Giving you more time in the long run to 1) Spend more time with your Friends and Family and 2) more time to SELL, SELL, SELL and Close.

Michael D. Harris-Arzon
The Simplistic Professional


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