Dadology on Kids and Internet Security


Next week is my oldest daughter’s 9th birthday and in leu of a party she has asked for a tablet. Now, the kids have had access to iPhones, iPads, Droid Tablets and the computer since the day we brought them into our home. Onyx even got a desktop computer last year for Christmas, that she primarily uses for NetFlix.

She has a basic understanding of searches and ALWAYS asks us when she wants to visit a new website like FairieTopia etc… Having to ask for everything has been our solution to internet security so far. But since we have decided to get her a new iPad for her birthday, this Dadologist needs to institute a higher level of internet security that coincides with the higher level of trust we are getting ready to bestow upon her.

We want her to feel that the new iPad is hers and that her privacy will be respected. Yes, the iPad is setup with password protection and InApp Purchases have been disabled. I also ensured that ONLY PG-13 rated Movies, TV Shows, Websites can be accessed. She can’t use Facebook or the email that came with the iPad She can only use Maily which allows us to see and approve any emails PRIOR to sending, reading or downloading.

I think that most parents think that simply hitting a single button that requires a password is enough Internet protection. No Sir Re Bob! I went through every tab and line in the settings of the iPad to make sure that Danny and I have protected her, us and the integrity of the account as much as possible.

Dadology means having to make the hard decisions at times and while I want to give her more freedom as she gets older, I also see that I need to have an Eagle Eye on things. Did you know that even though you may have your child’s iPad or tablet setup with Password Protection, that once a password is entered, they can go in and download other apps with out having to enter the password again for a period of minutes. All 3 of our kids have figured this out and so I am very glad that because her new iPad is linked to my account, I will get a notification stating:

“Onyx’s iPad has downloaded App ABC, would you like to download it to other devices?”

Just another way for us to monitor what is going on.

The point of all of this is that we can not be too cautious when it comes to our kids and the internet. Take the time from the very beginning to sit down with your kids and talk with them about the dangers of preditors, why you are monitoring and limiting their access and assure them that you do trust them to make wise decisions and always proceed with caution.



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