OMG! Santa Forgot the Batteries….All Heck Breaks Loose

Woo, Christmas is over and those hallowed days that every parent looks forward to are due to set in. You know the ones. The days that the kids are so preoccupied with the multitude of new toys, books and games…not a peep is heard.

Not so in the Arzon household. Great happiness has been transfixed into frustrating baditude for my son. Many of the big kid toys he received this year take batteries and Lo and Behold, this Dadologist forgot to stock up on batteries. This has always been a part of the “To Do List” during the pre-holiday prep. But with my normal boom, boom, boom get it done method out of wack because of the unexpected family emergency this year, I forgot a few things. Heck, we didn’t even get done decorating the tree and house until late Christmas Eve.

By the time we had finished Christmas Dinner, Anthony had occupied himself with most of his gifts and was ready to move on to the Drone (from Daddy and Daddy) and the Sharper Image’ Hover Target Game from Santa. When we told him we would have to get batteries his tone turned to one of total indignation as he remarked ” Santa should know it takes batteries!”

” Santa should know it takes batteries!”

Normally situations like this can be nipped in the bud and his attention diverted. But the fact that it was the most exciting gift he had gotten (Why do kids always like the cheaper gifts the best?”) kept his focus in check.

2014-12-27 22.30.49Like any good father, I went out to find a store that was open on Christmas, and honestly was amazed that everything was open….unlike it was when I was a kid and people actually stayed home with family and did not ever go into work.  Anyway, The first two stores I went to had ABSOLUTELY NO BATTERIES and the third store, Walgreens, at least had the AA batteries I needed for the Drone charger.  But C size batteries were not to be had.  It was like every parent and grandparent in Poinciana forgot that toys no longer come with batteries and a run on the stores had already happened.

As I headed home, I dreaded having to tell my son that he wouldn’t be able to play with the toy he was most excited about.  Now I know that it doesn’t seem like that great a gift, but we have always refused to let the kids play with ANY TYPE OF TOY WEAPON, so the fact that Santa had gotten him an awesome Nerf Type Gun was utterly thrilling for him.

This all transpired a couple of days ago…. and we still catch him holding and staring at the box with such a wantful look upon his face that it makes me sad.  He has also had a number of bad attitude, temper tantrum moments that make me wish I had never allowed Santa to give him such a gift.  YES I SHOULD MAKE ANOTHER EFFORT to find the, now dreaded, batteries…. but it takes us 13 minutes to just get to the nearest store.  It’s times like this that I totally miss living in NYC and having immediate access to about anything I can think of.  I simply keep telling him that the next time I do a compra, I will get him the batteries.

Lesson to all of you Dads and Daologists out there is this.

Don’t buy gifts that need batteries.  If it doesn’t recharge with a USB charger FORGET IT!  Make your entire family’s life as easy as possible and read the back of the box at the bottom.  This is where companies tend to hide the power requirements for said product.

Michael Harris – Arzon

Dadologist, Simplistic Professional and CEO


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