To Create The Impossible Product…. A Pheonix Rises From The Ashes

Mission. To create a branding product that may be hyper-tailored to a REALTOR’S specific, social relation needs that adds a new revenue stream to their bottom line. As we all know, Real Estate professionals tend to have a single source of revenue. By providing a relevant product that accelerates their marketing efforts AND provides an additional stream of revenue to their bottom line, we can assist REALTORS in building a truly, well-rounded brand.

This is the task that I have set for myself for 2015. The past few years have seen me simply create, build and manage platforms for other brands through Ardynn Media Groups consulting arm. But I built a name for myself as a professional that could identify and solve industry wide issues. There is something to be said for building an actual product and seeing it being used by professionals across the country.

So, while I will never turn down a speaking engagement, consultancy deal or interview request, this Simplistic Professional intends to get back to the grind and deliver a product that changes the way our industry handles social branding.

Michael Harris – Arzon
President, Ardynn Media

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