App Technology Is Critical To Real Estate Brand Success, For Some

In this life there is nothing worth doing that does not entail you having passion for what you love. Most of us strive to achieve balance between the various aspects of our lives. The personal, the family and the professional parts of ourselves. You may have found love in one area of your life, but what about the others?

I grew up in a family that loved me, no matter what. We did what was best for all of us, with none being treated better than the others..INCLUDING THEMSELVES. And when I grew up and started to build a life for myself, I became lost. I regressed to a point where I thought I should be because of what society had dictated in the past. Luckily it didn’t last too long and I a wonderful soul opened my eyes and put me on the path to having it all.

Over the next twenty years, each step led me closer to the real me. Like lost people it was easy to find happiness in parts of my life, but with the final wedge of the wheel of life, I was satisfied. Not until I had moved from working with Industry leaders to the REALTORS themselves.

When a REALTOR, or any professional for that matter, is passionate about the way they live and earn their life, then it shows in the bottom line. Those that have become truly successful have done so because they know where there comfort level is and do not stray too far out of it. Now, I am not saying it is okay to become complacent, because times change and for anyone that is in it for the long haul must accept as much change as they can. Others are able to do this more than others.

Building a brand is all about marketing and the product you promote. For REALTORS, many think that product is their book of listings. But in reality it is the REALTOR themselves and how they set themselves apart from their peers. Now that technology in general is common place for the average REALTOR to be using, it is up to individuals to decide how to set themselves apart from the pack.

Maybe they are of a later generation and basic technology is the most they can handle. Then they should create a niche for selves as one who is of the old school and can help educate buyers / sellers about real estate laws, tips and historic information. While those that excel at spotting the next trend and finding a way to use that in their business, set a goal of aiding the next generation as they purchase their first home.

Whoever you are in the mix, become the best at it and keep your heart full of passion. Those of you that have always seen a different use for a product that most felt had a limited use….this is for you.

At the beginning of each year there tends to be such an influx of ideas, promises and predictions that it can be quite difficult to determine which trends to watch and what to ignore as fluff. For 2015 there has been one prediction that makes sense and has already started to take hold. The everyday integration of eBooks into a professionals regular marketing efforts.

First came Blogs, then came video and social media and now eBooks. I mention this because the average consumer is starting to stray from traditional websites and rely on Apps for shopping, news, research and entertainment, 100% of the time. Now, before all of you REALTORS say “I have my listings flowing through a number of Apps”, realize that those Apps are not doing anything for your brand.


They Are Branding Themselves!

With App technology past the point of needing to have a certificate in coding and development, there are literally dozens of resources for brands to create their own unique Apps. But even the most creative, tech savvy REALTOR should take things one step at a time. Cost should also be a significant factor when moving your brand’s marketing into the App Sphere.

A perfect start will actually help REALTORS accomplish two goals at once. The first is integrating eBooks into their portfolio of marketing collateral. Industry experts, myself included, predict that 2015 is the year of self-publishing for all professionals. The reason behind this is that sharing content produced by others does nothing to help REALTORS showcase their expertise.

Expertise in what? Content curation? Any serious homebuyer is already using an App like Pulse or News365 to accomplish the same thing.


Apple released their new iConnect App , December 29th, that allows brands to upload, promote, track and sell their original content via iTunes. Today’s professionals are very capable of writing a targeted mini-eBook (25 pages or less) and convert into Pdf format. That’s all it takes to get your brand exposure on iTunes.

For those that simply don’t have the time, they can easily hire a Ghost Writer, like myself, to write, design and upload for them. This helps REALTORS accomplish the second goal of creating a product for the App Sphere. How many REALTORS can say, I have this or that on iTunes or in the App Store? So few, that it isn’t even track able yet. But general, good business dictates that a TRUE professional will incorporate original material into their marketing plan.


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