Sunday Dinner With A Dadologist….a thought comes to life

Through the years I have learned that it’s okay to be myself. But every so often something holds me back. I know what it is, I spent half my life portraying an image of what I thought people wanted to see. Finally I reached the point where I know that the people that will matter in this life respect me for whom I am deep down. This is probably the single most important lesson I hope to impart to my children.

You may have noticed that this post does not have an image associated with it. That’s because I simply can’t decide how true I should be. When I started with the Dadology concept, it was to show other fathers that it was okay to do it all and lead a balanced, successful life. But as I sit here contemplating a header design for this weekly article series, I hesitate.

Should I have a family shot around the table? Two dads and all?

My heart says go for it, the American Professional is ready and accepting. Yet 30 years of discrimination, two precedent setting court cases and a family to protect say otherwise. Thus I wish to put it out there to you, my loyal readers.

1. Go with generic, yet customized Daddy and Kids Eating header
2. True to life family shot

Either way, the transparency and idea will continue to transpire. Sunday dinner with my kids is so important and the conversations I wish to share can be utterly revealing about life in today’s society. My kids are totally involved with the brands, business and our way of integrating business into the family. Help me to decide how visual we should go.

I encourage your comments here on the site, on Twitter via @SimplisticPro or via private messaging. My email and cell are open to all. Voice your opinion and let’s get this next evolution of Dadology off the ground.

Michael Harris – Arzon
President, Ardynn Media Group


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