International Headlines Have Tremendous Meaning To U.S. Professionals…. whether they know it or not!

One of the luxuries of social media has been the ability to create an International Brand, seemingly, overnight. Depending on the outlet, I can easily say that 30% of my, significantly large, following is on the international front.

Yes, I encourage people to run my stats to verify my followings and exceedingly long reach of arm. Sssspt Triberr is my secret weapon that practically guarantees each headline I post a reach of 8.9 million social viewers. Talk about brand exposure. But anyway, it is quite easy to verify a brands reach. No longer are companies like ComScore needed to track clicks and views. But I digress.

I think at times it may hinder the growth of my sphere of influence to curate International Headlines, but that it is because the average U.S. Professional or REALTOR, whom is my target audience, does not fully understand how the workings of international businesses affect them here at home. Gone are the days of Americans living in a protective bubble when it comes to business acumen.

The world of business is now intimately connected like never before. Take BitCoin for instance. Who would have thought that by the year 2015 we would have a universal currency, no matter the country you are in.

I tend to curate information from around the globe for a number of reasons.

1. By simply reading the headlines and proceeding summaries, professionals are able to connect with a much larger audience on a personal level. Let’s face it, America is still a ‘Melting Pot of Cultures’ that individuals are proud to admit to.

2. By a professional or brand re-posting these International Headlines, they are strengthening their image of being an expert in, not only their field, but as an International Business Person that makes them a first choice candidate to work with. Yes, in many ways this is ‘Playing In The Grey’, that middle ground that confuses and overlaps one’s ethical obligations. But it is not up to you to guarantee a potential clients assumptions. Let them fall where they may.

3. Staying aware of what is going on in the larger world of business, whether in general, or your particular field of expertise, does increase your knowledge and strengthen your position as a core expert to be associated with. For example, I actually read a large percentage of the summaries and articles that I post each day. Granted I have learned to speed read and can digest more information in a short amount of time than the average person. But any knowledge gained is a lesson learned.c

So when you see, what seems to be general news, stop for a second and peruse the information. Then take the two seconds it takes and share it with your audience. This will make you smarter, more well informed and boost your social views and engagement factors.

Michael Harris – Arzon
The Simplistic Professional
Ardynn Media Group


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