Homeschooling Only Deepens Silicon Valley’s Rift With the Rest of Us

Even before there was an idea of fatherhood for me, this Dadologist knew the importance of education and the lack thereof from public resources. To this day I have striven to stay as educated as possible and regularly challenge myself to learn new things. And I’m not talking about simply reading a book, but going whole hog and sitting for appropriate state exams, certifications etc.

Now that I have three children of my own, the value of their education simply can’t be left to that of strangers. As is most cases. Even the best private school education has its limitations because, as a parent you find yourself on the outside of the process. What is needed is a dual, learning environment if we want our children to actively compete against kids from around the globe. Because remember that we are now a global community more than ever due to the swift advances of technology and the integration into every aspect of our lives.

For this Dadologist, having the kids in an A level school during the day and then homeschooling in the afternoon and on weekends works extremely well for us. Kids need interaction with their peers, but parents must be deeply involved in the daily educational aspect as well. That is why I feel a dual environment is needed.

Homeschooling Only Deepens Silicon Valley’s Rift With the Rest of Us

The homeschooling trend plays into the suspicion that techies would rather live in a bubble than the world we all share. The issue is a Silicon Valley… Read more

Michael Harris – Arzon
Editor, SimplisticProfessional.US
Author, Speaker, Innovator, Father

Navigating the HyperTrending Pathway to Balanced Professionalism


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