Ardynn Publishing Celebrates Return of Profound Article Series:  Rantings Of A Media Titan with Michael Harris-Arzon

 By Michael Harris-Arzon 

As with many things in business, we tend to make decisions that, at the time, make sense.  But down the road we realize that we have possibly made a mistake.  That is the case with our Rantings Of A Media Titan article series.  As we strive to create as much original content as possible, the team here at Ardynn Publishing wants to meet all of the varied needs of our consumer.  We want REALTORS and other professionals to visit our websites and stay for a nice long visit.  We love company and understand that each of us has certain types of media and news content that keeps our attention.  So if it’s the Rantings Of A Media Titan that gets you to engage with us here at Ardynn MG (Media Group) then get ready for a wild ride.

But many others simply want daily news headlines and that is where The LIME Magazine comes into play.  For those anal retentive personalities that want straight forward data and statistics, then our series of White Papers may be just the thing for you.  What ever the case, we are pleased to announce the return of our much hailed series Rantings Of A Media Titan.


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