How to Trademark A Logo and its Significance for the Security –

How to Trademark A Logo and its Significance for the Security –

” Yesterday, I celebrated my 45th birthday….and as many professionals tend to do when confronted with another years’ passing,I found myself deep in reflection. Like all of us, I had pretty consistent dreams of ‘When I grow up I’m gonna……’ as a kid. And like most, I attached an anticipated result date for each glimpse into my hopeful future.

While I have multiple degrees, licenses and professional designations… many successful entrepreneurs do not. Their passion, dedication and superior work ethic evens out the playing field. What I learned yesterday (during one of these reflective moments) is that there were a few things of significance that never appeared in any those glimpses into my hopeful future.
‘What happens if a challenge is met/exceeded well in advance of the anticipated result date?’
‘Should the Brand I create, evolve and protect throughout my entire life….cease to exist or continue on into the hands of my family?’
‘How will I protect myself and the resulting challenge end game?’

And the most startling revelation yesterday, was the fact that in today’s business world, professionals/entrepreneurs each have their own, unique pathway they will travel. Some will crawl, while others hop and some may yet….walk across water.

Michael Harris-Arzon
The Simplistic Professional


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