Microsoft built treehouse offices for employees

“Given the fact that Microsoft was one of the first companies to bring professionals the technology they needed to enable them to work effectively away from their desk, it makes since that it would offer its employees a place that is more stress free. When professionals are comfortable, relaxed and still connected to the outside world, they are able to think further outside the box in more creative ways.

While you may not be able to convince your boss (or accountant for those self employed) that a treehouse is a good idea, there are amazing parks all over the United States that actually have WiFi. This is made possible through your internet provider. If you happen to live and work in a more rural setting but can receive cell service then simply use your smartphone to create a hotspot for internet service. A call to your service provider may not even be necessary. Sprint and other providers offer the capability from the settings menu on your phone.

What ever your situation, take inspiration where ever it might come from and tweak it to fit your needs says Michael Harris-Arzon of ArdynnMG.”

Michael Harris-ArzonPresident, Ardynn Media


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