How to be a better speaker: presenting and pitching tips

The thought of standing on stage and talking to a packed auditorium might make you want to dry-heave in the corner. But public speaking can be one of the most effective tools for self-promotion in a designer’s armoury, instantly giving you credibility as an expert and supercharging word-of-mouth about your services.

However, the skills involved in public speaking are just as valuable off-stage. Being able to talk confidently about your work in any situation – while pitching, during an interview, over a beer – is a fundamental design skill that differentiates the good from the exceptional. It’s a key part of how to network as a creative.

So what are the golden rules of presenting your work? How can you blow the minds of your audience – or at least keep them interested for 45 minutes? And what if it all goes wrong?

Read on to find out how some of the industry’s finest creatives have tackled nerves and technology meltdowns to shine as speakers, both on and off the stage.

How to be a better speaker: presenting and pitching tips

Michael Harris-ArzonPresident, Ardynn Media


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