Simply Kids Kicks Off Cooking with Kids Recipes

Simply Ardynn

By Michael Harris-Arzon, The Simplistic Professional and Avril Arzon

2017-02-28 12.40.49.jpg Simply Kids is an exciting opportunity for kids to learn to cook from other kids, Like Me!

Besides introducing your kids to a new vegetable, this recipe is so kid friendly that kids 5-6 and up can make on their own…with adult supervision of course.

We had originally planned to start with our Simply Kids Video series, but as many know tech doesn’t always cooperate and YouTube has been challenging for our new channel.  But Avril Arzon, the Co-Host of Simply kids insisted on making dinner her way.  Gotta love those kids of mine.

Many of the Simply Kids recipes require canned and boxed foods for the simple fact that at the lower ages they aren’t ready for knife work,  My daughter Avril, whom is 10, is still leery of using a knife.  Every kid is different and you have to determine what your child’s comfort level…

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