Regally Stuffed Pepper With Duck, Gouda and Roasted Tomatoes

I spent so many years putting on events and teaching other professionals how to properly host events to boost their companies bottom line that I forget that I take certain things for granted because they are second nature. The tips and stories i share each day as part of my recipes are a great way for professionals to learn the ins and outs of Simple Entertaining, Michael Harris-Arzon, The Simplistic Professional

Simply Ardynn

By Michael Harris-Arzon, The Simplistic Professional

Stuffed bell peppers with chopped meat, cheese and tomato lay on black plate

One of the common “secrets” about entertaining, is that the food must taste good, look deceptively simple and be memorable.  Barring some sort of total disaster, the one thing that is repeatedly talked about, after the fact, is the quality of the food.  We can’t help it…busy people think with their stomachs.  

And no matter what profession you work in, or at what level, our lives are more complicated and hectic than ever before.  Americans need to take some lessons from their European Ancestors.  Long lunches, weeks more spent on actual vacations and an intimate sense of the  family bonds, we seem to have forgotten about.

Cooking at an elevated level is a trick of perception.  Your guests need never know how long something took or how you pulled off such amazing recipes.  They only need to remember the sight, aroma and taste of the overall eventing.


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