Kids being profiled for drugs against fourth amendment rightists: search and seizure

This week my daughter was treated like a common drug dealer when she was forced to line up again Fhe wall while clothing was removed and then her belongings were searched with outhitting probable cause cause which violates her fourth amendment rights. She was treated like a drug dealeae with no probable cause and as a parent was not allowed to call our law lawyer or allowed to call our my self.

This is is unconstitutional and violates Supreme Court ruling and should never happen to a a minor. The Osceola school district has violate multiple laws and should be held accountable to to every student they made stand in a line up like common criminals. We need to to protector kids a5mall cost. I will take this this to Supreme Court. And all parties will I’ll be be charged with negligence and and discrimination..

I call all media Agence Ines to call me ASAP at (717)592-0106 ASAP to fight this injustice

Michael Harris-Arzon

President Ardynn PR


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