The Ardynn Legacy

What is a legacy? Is it really the impression that you leave on this wonderful world of ours? Or is it the indelible footsteps that are made as we complete this journey called life?

There are a multitude of times that we make mistakes, have ideas that don’t pan out or create a permanent impression with no direct intention of doing so. This is the core of our legacy.

For me, the creation of the Ardynn Media Group and the subsequent brands has been a journey that spans that gamut of professionalism and brand recognition. Each new client or project saw us evolve into a company that knew exactly what it takes to build an internationally known brand.

Here we are 6 years later and Ardynn Media Group is no longer a marketing and advertising chop shop. We have advised some of the most influential brands and people in the real estate industry on topics ranging from Technology, Social PR, Management Structure, Brand Strategy and beyond.

I have learned that I don’t want to be the largest PR firm or even a competing Publishing outlet for real estate companies.

We strive to fill in the holes of a core strategy.

We strive to advise clients on future technology trends and their implementation.

Michael Harris – Arzon speaks about effective publicity and how social we are becoming.

We thrive in creating a unique brand structure that identifies with a target market.  

For us, creating a suite of brands under the Ardynn Media Group umbrella has enabled us to show clients that we understand every aspect building a brand and promoting a product or even the individual professional.

So the Ardynn Legacy is this….follow our lead and simply use every tool at your disposal in a manner that befits your unique sensibility. You don’t need to spend a fortune on marketing but time is always well spent. Manage your brand as you would your personal life and take pride in the outcome.

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