Spirited Rosemary, Orange Spritzer Brings Your Next Brunch To Life

Simply Ardynn

By Michael Harris-Arzon, The Simplistic Professional


Back in the day, we didn’t have many choices when it came to alcoholic drinks.  And we definitely didn’t have people called Mixologist’.  Basically anyone could tend bar, because drinks were basic, add some alcohol and maybe soda or seltzer water.  Now, you actually have to get licensed and attend school.  I mean really, cooking schools now offer classes on making drinks and how to pair them with foods.

I’m old school, I tend to go with the basics and have never believed in fancy drinks with my meals.  Before or after a meal, OK.  But to each his own.  In order to keep up with the times and current food trends, I have recently started coming up with drinks that are simple to make and can be made virgin for the kids in the room.

Kids like to feel grown up and the fact that they can have…

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Seasonal 16 Bean Soup Is Sumptuous And Hearty Year Round

Simply Ardynn

By Michael Harris-Arzon, The Simplistic Professional


One of my earliest memories, is also one of the few memories I have of my Great Aunt Vivian.  She and Uncle Clayton lived next door to my Great Grandparents.  Every summer when we were little, my brother, sister and I would spend it with our grand parents…. and they are some of the best childhood memories.

Even though our aunt and uncle lived next door, we didn’t see them that often.  But, whenever my grandparents needed to go out and couldn’t take us with them, we would stay with next door.  Uncle Clayton was usually in his recliner and Aunt Vivian would have us help her around the house.

don’t know how many hours we spent sitting at a retro, 50’s style dining table cleaning pinto beans.  Our job, was to make sure that there were no tiny stones in the beans.  To this day, I…

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Celebrating Halloween At Home With Family And Food Is The Historic Way To Start The Holiday Season

Finding new ways to create memories with your family and coming up with your own traditions is so important. Anyone can take their kids Trick-Or-Treating, but to take the time to plan something special and then THAT every year……your kids will remember it for ever and hopefully adopt that as the tradition for their family when they get older.

Simply Ardynn

By Michael Harris-Arzon, The Simplistic Professional


For many of us growing up, Halloween meant Trick-Or-Treating around the neighborhood on October 31st.  (I really, don’t quite understand, how celebrating a day or two before All Hallows Eve makes it any safer for our kids.  Every township and city announces the Halloween Day Of Celebration for them …weeks in advance!)

We would spend weeks, before hand, getting our costumes ready.  Yes, we actually made them in those days.  Then, we would go out for a couple of hours, of walking through the streets and visiting what ever homes had left their front lights on. (This meant they were home and giving out candy.)  At the end of the evening, when we arrived home, we would pour all of our ill gotten gains, onto the dining room table for Dad to go through and check….supposedly for razors in apples or pins in candy…

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