How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Company’s Other Marketing Efforts

Gone are the days where professionals, and brands alike, segment their marketing efforts due to the fear of missing out on message delivery. The use of social media and other online mediums has become common place. Yet most still have issues in creating a balanced campaign that uses the individual strengths of an outlet. While... Continue Reading →


REAL Trends Launches Predictive and Targeted Marketing For REALTORS

 By Michael Harris-Arzon, the Simplistic Professional   Over the past few years I have seen little that was truly new and exciting when it came to the real estate industry.  Yes, there has been continued growth within the industry, but the over-all economy has done well.  Sooooo.... What's the big deal?  Now I will admit... Continue Reading →

Is Disney Parks Going Against The Grain By Endorsing Social Media Revenge?

By Michael Harris-Arzon “Banner Ads have long been the answer to great and small business’ alike, giving them the most effective way to market to large numbers of consumers via mobile and online outlets.  Exposure can literally be bought for less than 1/10th of a penny per impression, instead of the expensive ad placements in... Continue Reading →

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