How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Company’s Other Marketing Efforts

Gone are the days where professionals, and brands alike, segment their marketing efforts due to the fear of missing out on message delivery. The use of social media and other online mediums has become common place. Yet most still have issues in creating a balanced campaign that uses the individual strengths of an outlet.

While a brand or marketing team may have designed a quality, targeted ad message, most fail to adapt and change the ad to meet the specific user needs of a particular social media outlet.

Twitter is meant to engage and hold a conversation, while Facebook is ideal for delivering detailed content messages. LinkedIn is more ideal for making those professional introductions for a brand that will lead to word of mouth referral business and investor growth opportunities. Instagram is perfect long term strategies and building brand strength around core messages and beliefs.

The list goes on and on, but these are just a part of a professional’s or brands’ marketing components. For example, during a trade show or live conference, think about having an iPad that is being mirrored (via an Apple TV) to a large screen at the booth. And as you interact with your audience, ask them to relay their thoughts or reviews of your brand or product via Twitter, then and there. Tell them that by doing so, they are not only engaging their followers, but because they are mentioning you, they are able to capitalize on your brands following and potentially grow their own. Its a simple way of holding a potential clients attention, while getting them to actually think about your brand or product and not just listening to a sales pitch in order to get a give away or contest entry.

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Michael Harris-ArzonPresident, Ardynn Media

Dadologist and Simply Ardynn Offer Great Ideas for Decorating Holiday Gingerbread Houses

By Michael Harris-Arzon, Dadologist

Over the years, we have developed many holiday traditions here in the Arzon household. And even though the kids are getting older (this will be the last year I think for Santa) I want them to have specific memories when they are older with families of their own. In the beginning many people thought we were nuts for going through so much effort for a specific idea or event. We have actually put a lot of thought and planning into creating the settings for different aspects of the holiday season.

Whether it is setting the table at Thanksgiving and cooking dinner together, the kids decorating the outside of the house with Danny while I make cookies and Mexican Hot Chocolate as a reward for their help and hard work or my building a gingerbread house with the kids to start the decorating of the interior rooms of the house. Each one is done the same way, just different look each year and is usually on the same day each year as our way of ensuring our family traditions will be remembered and hopefully carried on.

Normally this proud father and Dadologist has no trouble coming up with unique, creative ideas. But,with things being so hectic this year as I work long hours, plan my schedule to ensure all of our family traditions are done, take Anthony to his multitude of doctors appointments (the doctors think he may have another tumor) I decided to just peruse some photos online for ideas. I normally only do this when totally blocked, but as a time saving measure I decided it couldn’t hurt to see what others have done in years past and incorporate some of those ideas this year.

Here are some great examples of Gingerbread Houses that can, and should, be done with the kids to you build your own Holiday Traditions.

Wait Until 8th and Parents New Movement Towards Smartphone Usage

By Michael Harris-Arzon, Dadologist

Creating technology and online guidelines for your kids

It’s not often I see a trending story on the news that inspires me to take action. In today’s fast passed world of over sharing and daily tech advancements, I see little point in speaking out. The reason for this thought is that I want to ensure I am bringing forth a message that has meaning and can truly benefit our readers and followers.

This morning on #GMA there was a story about a new trend sweeping the country called Wait Until 8thand the negative power that smartphones have on our children. This is where I feel in a bit of a catch 22. As a father and Branding expert, one the one side I know how bad social media and what searching for the wrong keyword can reveal. But, as a brand expert I feel that in this super charged world of building a strong online presence, I feel that the younger kids start building a following, the larger their sphere of influence will be when they hit the job market as young adults.

As a father, one thing I have learned is that each child needs to be treated differently. Neither of our daughters are ready for starting an online presence, yet our son, whom is in the middle, will be starting his this year (with my managing his identity and brand presence). The reason for treating him differently is that he has show consistent interest in modeling and acting. So, we have started working on his portfolio and he begins his first taping sessions for a new online cooking show to debut on YouTube next spring.

How Danny and I decided to handle the problem was like this. We knew that getting the kids their first iPads when they were super young (our youngest was only 18 months old), the smarter and more advanced they would be when it came to their education. Granted we limited, and still do, the types of apps they use. We still don’t allow internet access unless it’s for a school project and even then they have to literally sit right there with one of us, and our eldest daughter is almost 13.

We have always said that we wouldn’t even consider letting any of our three kids have a phone until they turn 16, but now we are faced with the strong likelihood that Onyx and Anthony will both be attending school almost an hour away from our home. Just this morning I was talking with my husband, Danny, about getting Onyx a super basic phone for emergencies when they start school next year. Then lo and behold we see this story on #GMA about Wait Until 8th. It seemed to make the decision for us. It also makes m feel good to know that other parents seem as concerned as we are about their kids use of technology and the exposure risk that the internet and social media brings to the table. Like their tag line says, Let kids be kids a little longer.

So I encourage all of our readers across the globe to join this strategic movement and sign a pledge for each of your kids today.