Ardynn Media Group Introduces New International Food And Lifestyle Brand, Simply Ardynn

For Immediate Release Metro Orlando, FL - August 2, 2018 - Ardynn Media Group and Ardynn Publishing introduces their new National Food and Lifestyle Brand, Simply Ardynn and broadens it’s industry scope beyond the Real Estate and News spheres.  For the past 10 years, Ardynn Media Grouop has focused on the consulting side of business... Continue Reading →


Breaking News: The winner of the ‘Nobel Prize of Architecture’ was just named

The winner of the 'Nobel Prize of Architecture' was just named - here are his stunning buildings The LIME Magazine Freshly Squeezed News For Urban Professionals

Wait Until 8th and Parents New Movement Towards Smartphone Usage

By Michael Harris-Arzon, Dadologist Creating technology and online guidelines for your kids It's not often I see a trending story on the news that inspires me to take action. In today's fast passed world of over sharing and daily tech advancements, I see little point in speaking out. The reason for this thought is that... Continue Reading →

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