Wait Until 8th and Parents New Movement Towards Smartphone Usage

By Michael Harris-Arzon, Dadologist Creating technology and online guidelines for your kids It's not often I see a trending story on the news that inspires me to take action. In today's fast passed world of over sharing and daily tech advancements, I see little point in speaking out. The reason for this thought is that... Continue Reading →


ArdynnMG and The Simplistic Professional Set To Release First eProduct Line

With more than two decades of business expertise under his belt, Michael Harris-Arzon President of the Ardynn Media Group and Ardynn Publishing, has made the bold decision to expand the companys brand efforts beyond the realm of consultancy and news outlets.  "Entering into the eCommerce and App Technology space has been a long awaited dream.... Continue Reading →

Mighty Networks founder Gina Bianchini on building a business in silicon valley – TechCrunch – Digital Majority

http://digitalmajority.com/news-feed/tech-news/mighty-networks-founder-gina-bianchini-on-building-a-business-in-silicon-valley-techcrunch-1744126805 "Over the next few weeks ArdynnMG looks forward to the total integration of The LIME Magazine and The Simplistic Professional into one, cohesive publication. Our goal is provide today's busy professionals with a single outlet for all digital and video media pertinent to their lives" Michael Harris Arzon Ardynn Media Group The Simplistic Professional... Continue Reading →

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