Dadologist and Simply Ardynn Offer Great Ideas for Decorating Holiday Gingerbread Houses

By Michael Harris-Arzon, Dadologist

Over the years, we have developed many holiday traditions here in the Arzon household. And even though the kids are getting older (this will be the last year I think for Santa) I want them to have specific memories when they are older with families of their own. In the beginning many people thought we were nuts for going through so much effort for a specific idea or event. We have actually put a lot of thought and planning into creating the settings for different aspects of the holiday season.

Whether it is setting the table at Thanksgiving and cooking dinner together, the kids decorating the outside of the house with Danny while I make cookies and Mexican Hot Chocolate as a reward for their help and hard work or my building a gingerbread house with the kids to start the decorating of the interior rooms of the house. Each one is done the same way, just different look each year and is usually on the same day each year as our way of ensuring our family traditions will be remembered and hopefully carried on.

Normally this proud father and Dadologist has no trouble coming up with unique, creative ideas. But,with things being so hectic this year as I work long hours, plan my schedule to ensure all of our family traditions are done, take Anthony to his multitude of doctors appointments (the doctors think he may have another tumor) I decided to just peruse some photos online for ideas. I normally only do this when totally blocked, but as a time saving measure I decided it couldn’t hurt to see what others have done in years past and incorporate some of those ideas this year.

Here are some great examples of Gingerbread Houses that can, and should, be done with the kids to you build your own Holiday Traditions.


Ardynn Media Group to Debut Interactive Cooking App and Addition to Brand Lineup 

By Michael Harris-Arzon

Simply Ardynn’s Mexican Pork Salad
This amazing Mexican Pork Salad has long been one of our family’s mainstay dishes.  A few years ago, we were sitting down to dinner and our youngest daughter Avril insisted that I needed to write a cookbook so she would have all of my recipes when she was older.  Immediately, the other two kids were encouraging me to write a cookbook as well.  I don’t know what other families are like when comes to the kids getting an idea in there head, but mine refused to give up on the subject.  I think what really got my attention was when our eldest daughter, Onyx, mentioned the idea again and reminded me that I already make a living from writing….so why not create a new brand for the company.

Thus with vast amounts of encouragement, Simply Ardynn was born.  Like many projects and ideas Simply Ardynn seemed to evolve and grow with a mind of its own.  From the initial thought of a traditional cookbook to a subscription based vlog to what is now a fully interactive cooking app.  With such a long history in publishing, I knew that many people no longer bought physical books and each time I searched iBooks, Amazon or the App Store (in order to do my competitor analysis) I saw a new type of product being released.  This started to worry me, until I realized that no only is there always room for competition, but that having multiple revenue lines, product extensions and user options available would set us apart from the pack.

 The core belief behind Simply Ardynn is that no matter how busy you are as a professional or how limitied your knowledge is in the kitchen, you can create amazing food experiences that bring family and friends together.  All the while creating memories that will last beyond your lifetime, but trickle down through your kids and grandkids. 

Below,  you will notice the ingredient list for our Mexican Pork Salad Recipe.  Being that it was the reason for this new venture, it seemed appropriate that it be the first recipe I shared as we start that pre-promotional aspects our the Simply Ardynn launch.  Currently, we are set to launch on Ardynn Media Groups 10th Anniversary, February 11th, 2018.  So stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey.  The closer we get to launch date, the more events will be scheduled and a few contest giveaways even are planned.

I hope you will stay tuned and follow us as we head into a new part of our lives.

  • Baby Spinach, fresh
  • Seasoned Black Beans (Goya)
  • Roast Pork, shredded
  • Plum Tomatoes, chopped
  • Cheddar Cheese, grated
  • Green Onions, chopped
  • Corn Chips
  • Sour Cream or Mexican Crema 

ArdynnMG and The Simplistic Professional Set To Release First eProduct Line

With more than two decades of business expertise under his belt, Michael Harris-Arzon President of the Ardynn Media Group and Ardynn Publishing, has made the bold decision to expand the companys brand efforts beyond the realm of consultancy and news outlets. 

“Entering into the eCommerce and App Technology space has been a long awaited dream.  With the ever changing business landscape, it took us a while to compare business models, perform competitor analysis and create a product that doesn’t become irrelevant before it has even launched. The later is a problem that so many tech based products face in the hyper paced retail space” says Walter Arzon of ArdynnMG (Media Group).

Many of you have noticed the changes that have taken place over the past few years with ArdynnMG and the addition of our Dadologist (Daddy Blog) and The Simplistic Professional (General Business and Life Advice Series).  Transitioning to a general consumer appeal versus real estate professionals only way of conducting business has increased our online following 10 fold.  With over 30 million 1st level readers/followers it’s time to roun out our news and advice to meet all of a professionals needs.  The way we have excised to do this is by showing them how to include exquisite food experiences into their daily lives.  

Enter our newest addition to the Ardynn Brand Lineup….. Simply Ardynn, creating Exquisitely Rustic, Interactive Food Experiences for professionals and their families.