ArdynnMG and The Simplistic Professional Set To Release First eProduct Line

With more than two decades of business expertise under his belt, Michael Harris-Arzon President of the Ardynn Media Group and Ardynn Publishing, has made the bold decision to expand the companys brand efforts beyond the realm of consultancy and news outlets. 

“Entering into the eCommerce and App Technology space has been a long awaited dream.  With the ever changing business landscape, it took us a while to compare business models, perform competitor analysis and create a product that doesn’t become irrelevant before it has even launched. The later is a problem that so many tech based products face in the hyper paced retail space” says Walter Arzon of ArdynnMG (Media Group).

Many of you have noticed the changes that have taken place over the past few years with ArdynnMG and the addition of our Dadologist (Daddy Blog) and The Simplistic Professional (General Business and Life Advice Series).  Transitioning to a general consumer appeal versus real estate professionals only way of conducting business has increased our online following 10 fold.  With over 30 million 1st level readers/followers it’s time to roun out our news and advice to meet all of a professionals needs.  The way we have excised to do this is by showing them how to include exquisite food experiences into their daily lives.  

Enter our newest addition to the Ardynn Brand Lineup….. Simply Ardynn, creating Exquisitely Rustic, Interactive Food Experiences for professionals and their families.


Meet The Silicon Beach Rising Tech Entrepreneur Who is Revolutionizing the World of Ecommerce

Meet The Silicon Beach Rising Tech Entrepreneur Who is Revolutionizing the World of Ecommerce

Michael Harris-ArzonPresident, Ardynn Media