Why And How All Professionals Should Develope A Set Of Brand Guidelines

By Michael Harris-Arzon, The Simplistic Professional 

It’s hard to believe that less than a decade ago, the average professional did not need to know anything about marketing or branding.  Even those Millenials that used YouTube as a way to create an online following didn’t need to understand the intricacies of building a brand.  Now, virtually every serious company around the globe checks a potential employee’s online profile as part of their hiring process.

Whether you work for a Fortune 1000 company or are self employed, today’s professional should have a formal set of brand guidelines.  The reason for this is simply to ensure that a brand is being represented the same way every time a representation is made. It may come in the form of an online post of the printing of a marketing flyer.  When working for someone else, you are tasked with the responsibility of not just following your own guidelines, but those of your employer.
Developing a set of brand guidelines is quite simple and should include these aspects.

  • Brand / company color scheme
  • Official Logo (yes individuals can have a logo of their personal name)
  • Acceptable Font types
  • List of permissible online outlets ie; social outlets, blog, craigslist etc.
  • Types of acceptable imagery that are allowed to be associated with
  • Frequency of social postings
  • Blog posting schedule
  • Even specific marketing templates that are acceptable
  • Email and blog signature format
  • How to deal with Holiday / Religious marketing customization

These 10 aspects are the most common brand guidelines.  Now, if your a micro-manager or neurotically detailed you may get a lot more specific.  Just remember that consistency is key and the core reasoning behind Brand Guidelines.


Tit for Tat Daddy’s Back, and there will be HELL TO PAY! – part 1

Seeing ones’ children stand up and take notice of the things that are of interest to the parent so that they can find a correlation to something they (the child) are interested in and thus create opportunities to spend unique time together was highly emotional for me.  As a Dadologist, I have always striven to have individual relationships with my kids.  But the second Onyx realized I would be a bit busier than what they were used to, the little wheels in her head started turning to locate a solution….. turning a potential negative into a positive.


Her idea was that I should write another kids book and she could help with the graphic layers.  She even suggested that the topic surround kids that don’t have a mom or a dad.  I love the passion my children have and the pride they show when doing something with Daddy.  So it seems a second book is to be born later this summer.  This time I think I will make it interactive and App based so that the kids can learn the basics of HTML5 and IOS Development.  We will learn together.

And this brings me to the point of this multi part series.  Danny and I have stressed education with the kids, literally from day one.  I mean, what ever it takes to ensure they are better suited for the world than what we were prepared for is what we have and will do.  Look we moved 1,300 miles to an A District and a virtually crime free neighborhood to help us ensure this.  Remember, we are a working, middle class family…..for what that’s worth these days.

This past school year proved a nightmare where we saw the kids go from honor role to almost failing and it was do to these new common core standards.  We were not informed as a community this would transpire and the Osceola School District did absolutely nothing to assist the students affected or provide support services.  I have had to threaten legal action, press conferences and a phone tree campaign that leads to the highest levels of governmental influencers.

With Onyx going to Middle School next year, we have decided to home school her so we have more control over her education.  Honestly, will give me more time with her than ever before.  I also love the idea of working on the next children’s book together.  Experiences like that create lasting memories and allows her to explore her creative side and share it with the world.

The idea of home schooling even one of the kids pisses me off completely.  So the campaign to effect change begins here.  This highly annoyed father will even run for the Osceola School Board when the next seat in our district opens up.  So stay tuned as we explore and share the educational experiences our family faces.

Real Estate Industry Expert Offers Consumers FREE, UNBIASED ADVICE During The Home Buying Process

By Michael Harris-Arzon

Oh how I love my job!  Every day I awake with a general feeling of excitement.  In the few moments it takes for me to jump out of bed (Yes! I luckily am a morning person) the anticipation for the day’s progression begins to build and that spurs my limbs into action.  Multi-tasking at its best is demonstrated each morning.  As I brew that first pot of coffee, I mentally review those tasks that have been scheduled and contemplate others.

Each day brings new challenges, new clients and a generous increase to our bottom line.  Since before the founding of the Ardynn Media Group, I have to say that I/we have been amazingly blessed.  While extremely hard work, long hours and a penchant for building relationships has contributed to our success, 25 years of business experience and the ideal that a true professional NEVER ceases their education, has brought me to the point where I need to give back to the community in a manner other than traditional fundraising or community service work.

I would like to announce that beginning Saturday, April 23, 2016, the average American Home Buyer/Seller can receive FREE, UNBIASED HOME BUYING ADVICE.  


Michael Harris-Arzon has counseled industry leaders, top brokers and top brands (Move.com, Homes.com, Inman News, REAL Trends, RISMedia and countless others) on various aspects of starting, strengthening and maintaining business in the real estate industry. Now he plans to personally add homebuyers and sellers to his list of clients, these of which no fee will be charged. So, if you or someone you know is heading down that path of buying and selling real estate (residential or commercial) for the first time and would like assistance, then either schedule a block of time via our Contact Us page or simply call in each Saturday morning for a one-on-one session or the weekly webinar (call in and URL instructions will be available via Ardynn U.

Communication Mediums Available For Home Buyers / Sellers To Use.   

  1. (717)592-0106  call or text
  2. simplisticpro Skype
  3. SimplisticPro Tweet
  4. (717)592-0106 Messenger
  5. (717)592-0106 FaceTimed