Ardynn Media Group Introduces New International Food And Lifestyle Brand, Simply Ardynn


For Immediate Release

Metro Orlando, FL – August 2, 2018 – Ardynn Media Group and Ardynn Publishing introduces their new National Food and Lifestyle Brand, Simply Ardynn and broadens it’s industry scope beyond the Real Estate and News spheres.  For the past 10 years, Ardynn Media Grouop has focused on the consulting side of business and worked with some of Real Estates biggest brands to strengthen their position within the industry.  They have also been a leader in social media and online branding.  Michael D. Harris-Arzon, President and Publisher of the Ardynn Media Group and Ardynn Publishing, has been an industry leader and influencer that has garnered him the distinction of being named Top 25 Online Branding Experts for 2018 by the WSJ.

As this is the 10th anniversary of the Ardynn Media Group, a decision was made to celebrate such a milestone with the creation of a suite of products that were completely developed in house, instead of recommending other companies products and services, as had been the companies previous business model.  “Having a background in publishing, design and content management gives us a chance to create products that we have complete control over.  This also means that we control the revenue streams and forecast a significant increase to the companies bottom line.”  says Michael Harris-Arzon, President of the Ardynn Media Group.  “Moving into a new consumer sphere, the Food and Lifestyle space, just made sense.  Combining our passion with product development and brand management is the golden ticket”

Simply Ardynn aims to target professionals as they strive to balance their professional and family lives.  We started last year with the creation of The Simplistic Professional, our personal, in-depth advice column that covers everything from business, to being a father and everything in between.  Last week we launched our new online magazine, “Exquisitely Rustic, Interactive Food Experiences For Professionals.”  Besides delivering original recipes and cooking advice from The Simplistic Professional, Simply Ardynn offers Cooking Tips, Kitchen Basics, The Pantry, Simply Kids (where kids teach kids to cook), Celebratory Menus (27 Specially Designed Menus for every holiday and life event), Kitchen Basics, Simply Entertaining and more.

The Simply Ardynn brand is so much more than on online magazine.  In the coming months you will see a suite of cookbooks published via Apple’s iBooks, Amazon and Ardynn Publishing, an Interactive Cooking App that will be available via iTunes, an online store called the House of Ardynn that will sell all of our cookbooks, a custom line of linens for the kitchen and dining room, a line of Table Jewelry, a full range of kitchen tools and utensils, grocery delivery straight to your front door (in every major market) and a host of product lines to meet your dining and entertaining needs.  The House of Ardynn will be a complete online mall to meet every kitchen, dining and entertaining need.

In the spring of 2019 Simply Ardynn launches a complete cooking and entertaining video streaming service via our partnership with YouTube, and a subscription magazine service that will offer specialized content, weekly live, video conferences with audience participation, online chat and more.  We also intend to capitalize on social media branding and ad revenue streams to balance out the bottom line.

Simply Ardynn has been years in the making. Coming from the most humble of beginnings where food meant comfort… through the rise of our professional and social lives, Michael’s passion for cooking and food has long been a huge part of our lives.”  says Walter Arzon, SVP of Sale for Ardynn Media Group.  “But this is so much more than a Food and Lifestyle Brand, it is a family business where every member of the family is involved.  Our three kids are each involved in some way, whether it is hosting the Simply Kids Video series or designing a line of Table Jewelry, it is a family affair.” says Michael Harris-Arzon.

Ardynn Publishing, a wholly owned division of the Ardynn Media Group, is the digital content distribution arm of the real estate industry’s premier social relations firm.  All media requests, general inquiries and press release submissions may be directed to Michael D. Harris-Arzon via direct message on Twitter @SimplisticPro, via cell at (717)592-0106 or by calling direct via cell at (717)592-0106.  Copyright 2018 Ardynn Media Group.  All rights reserved.  As a user, you are authorized only to view, copy, print and distribute this release so long as (1) the release is used for informational purposes only and (2) any copy of the release (or portion thereof) includes the following copyright notice:  Copyright 2018 Ardynn Media Group. All Rights Reserved.

Calling All Media!  How And Why To Call A Press Conference

By Michael D. Harris-Arzon  
Rarely do I see supposed marketing experts or consultants provide old fashioned marketing advice to their clients or online target audience.  It is so easy to get caught up in the latest trend and push the latest technology that basic marketing techniques are forgotten about completely.  

There are so many reasons that the average Entrepreneur, Luxury REALTOR or Professional Brand Manager should be using traditional press releases and press conferences.  If anything, there is a much higher need by bloggers, reporters and media curators to be invited to your press conference.  Americans consume a lot more news and media today than they ever have before.  When you combine that with the fact that content is consumed in small bites, you can see how there is an organic need for fresh information that can be shared.

It’s time to celebrate that new product launch, new hire, Celebrity Listing, Grand Opening, book release and anything else that has you personally excited about.  Share that excitement with the world and let the bloggers and reporters help you with your promotional efforts.

When calling a press conference, do it the morning of the announcement. 

1.Email the Media Alert 

2. Call the editorial desk to confirm receipt of the emailed Media Alert.   This should be done before 10am as by that time the days assignments are usually handed out to the staff reporters.

3. Ask if they will be covering the event. 

4. Set up the space well in advance and hire a conference room if need be. Expecting people to cram into your office will have then simply walk out.

Do not be surprised if they ask for a quick sound bite or interview right then and there. This is very common with Radio Stations. 

  •  Location that the news will be shared from. 
  •  Time of the announcement. 
  •  Length of event.
  •  Be sure to tell the media whether it is a Simple Statement being made or if there will be a Q&A Session. 
  •  Provide Detailed, Mobile Contact Information for questions prior to the event.