ArdynnMG’ “The LIME Magazine” Merges With The Simplistic Professional¬†

By Michael Harris-Arzon As with most prominent publications, it is common in our current world of business for brands to merge and act singularly under an umbrella brand.  Acting under the ArdynnMG Brand has been how we have managed our different newsfeeds, services  and products since we launched the company in 2008.  Now that we... Continue Reading →


The Truest of Professionals NEVER Disappear….we take heart (part 1)

Dadologist, Industry Leader and Consummate Professional from ArdynnMG Apologizes to Peers and Readers By Michael Harris-Arzon For many of you it may seem that I have dropped off the face of the earth when it comes to actual consulting work, speaking engagements, original content creation etc. Well, this Dadologist and Simplistic Professional is alive and... Continue Reading →

Real Estate Industry Expert Offers Consumers FREE, UNBIASED ADVICE During The Home Buying Process

By Michael Harris-Arzon Oh how I love my job!  Every day I awake with a general feeling of excitement.  In the few moments it takes for me to jump out of bed (Yes! I luckily am a morning person) the anticipation for the day's progression begins to build and that spurs my limbs into action.... Continue Reading →

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