Local Brands Create Global Images and Universal Consumer Bases

By Michael Harris-Arzon

I will never forget the day I first started tracking the Ardynn MG brands online, looking for our initial exposure rate. This was king before Google Analytics or analytics from anyone really.  It was a chore of emense magnitude that yelled results that I was not happy with.  Granted I knew there would be issues since I fired our developer and bought out all of our partners before we even launched Ardynn Media Group to the public.  But buried in the dismal SEO data I was able to piece together from Alexa and the manually crunching of numbers from Google Search I found that we had a tremendous presence in India of all places.

I had never pictured us as a global brand, and honestly I thought that the Internet was a US commodity/entity.  Let’s face it, all of the websites I visited or found during searches were American based companies.  Seeing that professionals in India were profoundly interested in how US Real Estate companies conducted their business and the type of advice that I (and other beginner bloggers) had to write about.

Our original blog and content source was called Marketing With Ardynn Media and in the first year we reached monthly views of over 600,00 international readers.  You must understand that this was before social media was common place and there were no such sites such as Triberr that acted as blog accelerators.  So for a novice content creator these numbers were unbelievable.  Then the unthinkable happened, we lost the domain because I forgot to renew with GoDaddy.  This was before auto renew was an option and smart phone notifications, so we were limited to email notices (which ours got buried in the 250 emails per day we received at the time).

The loss of that domain was the first mistake that lead to learning more about maintaining an online brand presence.  Even though the name was trade marked, it had been purchased by another Comapny that wanted to charge us $7,000 to get it back.  I mean what was a boat company going to do with a useless, trademarked domain?  We contemplated legal action and decided to use the funds it would take for other marketing measures.  Born of this tragic event was our current news feed The LIME Magazine.

Soon after that first year, Facebook and Twitter started to become known to the public at large and I immediately knew they would become tools like none other when it came to branding, whether it be personal or professionally bound.  No longer was our original content simply consumed, but the engagement factor lead us to have actual relationships and even derive business from people around the globe that we/I had never met in person.  How exciting it was to have that first paying client from London and a second from Hong Kong.  We were officially a global brand.

Having built such a brand so quickly and effectively led Ardynn MG (Media Group) into areas of business that we had never dreamed of.  Who knew that we would become major political players in our local market.  And all because we understood, better than any other, the potential reach of social media.  So stop thinking of yourself or your brand as a local entity, when we all have a global presence whether we want it or not.  So learn the rules of international business and take charge of the resources you have been granted.

Don’t Be Afraid To Let Go

I often see posts and articles that focus on how a company should take care of its employees; they are to be nurtured, encouraged, and trusted. This is an ideology that I completely support and practice….click the link below for the complete article.

Source: Don’t Be Afraid To Let Go

Father Uses Technology to Bring Mummies to Life

By Michael Harris-Arzon

As a father raising 3 kids in the 21st century, it has become more important than ever that Danny and I are active in their education.  Fortunately, this Dadologist has learned that our family’s weekly “movie night” can serve a dual purpose.  Why not combine a bit of learning into the mix?  I say this because, like most kids today, they are more than capable of multi-tasking.  While they may be watching a movie like The Mummy, a tablet is also in their hands, just like Daddy and Daddy.

This isn’t really anything new for us.  We have tried to find different ways to integrate education into “family time” since our youngest was a baby.  Recently, as I was scouring the App Store for educational games for the kids, I came across a Touchpress book called The Pyramids and instantly knew it would work well with the movie The Mummy and its sequels.  Granted it wasn’t a game, but the fact that it was an interactive ebook that allowed us to take a tour of different pyramids as if we were actually there makes up for the fact that this current generation seems to have the attention span of a Barbie Doll.  

Touchpress is changing the way culture is experienced with our extraordinary digital products. Apps like Juilliard Open Studios, Disney Animated and Beethoven’s 9th Symphony have helped redefine what is possible on the App Store and we continue to push the boundaries of what can be done on mobile devices and on television.

We work with premium brands to shape their digital product strategy and to release exciting, innovative apps that deliver high quality content to discerning consumers.

To find out how Touchpress can help your business, get in touch.

What I loved the most about the Apps from Touchpress Limited is the fact that families with multiple kids, like ours, will benefit from the usage.  Our eldest daughter Onyx turns 11 years old next week and while she still likes to play games, is in the fifth grade this year and has started writing full page reports.  There is enough well written, detailed content to provide her with background material.  Granted, she does tend to get a bit distracted by the interactive features, but that is exactly what keeps her entertained and inspired to learn more about the subject matter.

  The use of 360⁰ image technology lets the user swipe in any direction for a complete view of the room they are currently in. When you see an object, pictograph or wall painting that you would like to see up close or learn more about, simply tap and details are revealed.


 The Pyramids by Touchpress Limited https://appsto.re/us/BQfqH.i is available only via the App Store for $6.99 and is one of the best investments you can make for your child’s education!