Local Brands Create Global Images and Universal Consumer Bases

By Michael Harris-Arzon I will never forget the day I first started tracking the Ardynn MG brands online, looking for our initial exposure rate. This was king before Google Analytics or analytics from anyone really.  It was a chore of emense magnitude that yelled results that I was not happy with.  Granted I knew there... Continue Reading →


Don’t Be Afraid To Let Go

I often see posts and articles that focus on how a company should take care of its employees; they are to be nurtured, encouraged, and trusted. This is an ideology that I completely support and practice....click the link below for the complete article. Source: Don't Be Afraid To Let Go

Father Uses Technology to Bring Mummies to Life

By Michael Harris-Arzon As a father raising 3 kids in the 21st century, it has become more important than ever that Danny and I are active in their education.  Fortunately, this Dadologist has learned that our family's weekly "movie night" can serve a dual purpose.  Why not combine a bit of learning into the mix?... Continue Reading →

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