The Truest of Professionals NEVER Disappear….we take heart (part 1)

Dadologist, Industry Leader and Consummate Professional from ArdynnMG Apologizes to Peers and Readers By Michael Harris-Arzon For many of you it may seem that I have dropped off the face of the earth when it comes to actual consulting work, speaking engagements, original content creation etc. Well, this Dadologist and Simplistic Professional is alive and... Continue Reading →


Tit for Tat Daddy’s Back, and there will be HELL TO PAY! – part 1

Seeing ones' children stand up and take notice of the things that are of interest to the parent so that they can find a correlation to something they (the child) are interested in and thus create opportunities to spend unique time together was highly emotional for me.  As a Dadologist, I have always striven to... Continue Reading →

Fathers, Daughters And That Special Bond

By Michael Harris-Arzon, Dadologist    There is nothing more special in this world than the individual relationship you have with your child.  We are lucky and have a boy and two girls, so we get the best of both worlds.  And while my son and I have that "favorite child bond", the relationship I have... Continue Reading →

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