Welcome to the Amazing World of Dadology.

Father holding daughters hand

Join us on this roller coaster called life as we relate what it means to be a truly, modern family in an ever evolving world.

From the beginning we knew that our family would be different on so many levels. From being a middle aged, same sex couple that holds an enviable social position across the country…. to bringing 3 toddlers into our home under excruciating circumstances and running a National Real Estate Media & PR Firm.

Man, how our life is changing!

Dadology [Dadology means to view parenting from the strictly unique position of the father] Gone are the days of the father going out into the work place to support his family and then only spending the rare Saturday morning with his kids. Used to be that parenting mainly fell on the shoulders of the mother. But in today’s day and age, we see a vast network of fathers acting as the lead parent when it comes to raising our nations children.

Besides the normal parenting aspects…like getting the kids off to school, as fathers we are doing homework, sitting on the board of the local PTA and baking for school events to support our kids. We have also learned how to showcase our creative side and are regular shoppers at JoAnncFabris and Michael’s. Proponents of Dadology are showing the world that they are just as capable of raising the next generation. When you add in the fact that many American households now have 2 Dads, it is apparent that the parenting style must evolve to meet the times.

Dadology aims to share the total package of being a father figure in our modern, tech advanced world. Walk in our footsteps and look through our eyes (literally once the Reality Video Aspect goes live). Whether it be teaching our kids to tie their shoes, or why it’s important to learn to write with a pencil…..even though Apps have been the core learning tool for many things. My goal is to share our lives and engage other fathers as we navigate the role of parent and primary care giver.

Why shouldn’t we talk about the day to day issues. For example, I check in with the kids class room each day while the kids are at school to see how they are behaving. iPads and SmartBoards are a fathers best friend when comes to our child’s education. No need to wait until a phone call is received, I can be prepared to yell the second they get in the car and KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT that something won’t be hidden from me.

Anyway, I am extremely thrilled about the Dadology Project and bringing awareness from an honest and open father’s perspective. A daily blog post will come from Guest Bloggers, myself (Michael Harris-Arzon) or my husband Walter Arzon. Our feelings, insights, failures and successes will hit the airwaves and I hope that Fathers Across The World will comment and engage our unique community with anything that comes to mind. Help us show other parents how Dad fits into the modern family.

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