The Simplistic Professional came about due to the fact that over the past decade Michael Harris-Arzon, his partners and clients have transcended the typical boundaries surrounding business evolution and have found themselves in a very unique situation. The average professional has taken technology TOO FAR…the need for BALANCE and SIMPLICITY has come to the forefront of the everyday lives of today’s professionals.

Navigating the HYPER TRENDING Path to Balanced Professionalism

Welcome to an old way of conducting business in which we have added a slight twist to accommodate everyone’s personal way of conducting their business.

The mission of The Simplistic Professional is to assist today’s real estate professional in balancing their lives. Family, Personal and Professional lives are interchangeably entwined and our goal is help our clients create balanced success for themselves, their families and their brands.

By offering consulting services, social resources, ebooks and training packages….The Simplistic Professional is key to

Navigating the HYPER TRENDING Path to Balanced Professionalism.

REALTORS and Professionals will Learn How To:

Use the people around you.
Use technology to increase your business while saving you time.
Use marketing campaigns to showcase your brand and book of listings.
Use social media as your primary voice in the community.
Use current economic situations to your businesses advantage.
Use those spare moments throughout the day to engage your family.
Use your fluency to better your community.

Offer our readers, clients and partners multiple methods

of obtaining information, training and services. 

Whether you simply want to educate yourself.

Hire us to get your marketing started, while you manage the daily aspects of your brand.

Work together with us to manage your branding, event, marketing, social, technology or PR strategies.

Have us act as your brand’s marketing and technology department completely.

Work with our team on a project-by-project basis.

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