Finding Balance Among The Craziness of Content Creation Means Tracking Analytics

By Michael Harris-Arzon, The Simplistic Professional Analytics are everywhere in this new world of marketing content.  While it may be piecemeal and take some, well deserved, time to curate, it can mean the difference between being a Top Producer and a bottom feeding failure. Data Aggregation used to be two words that the average Professional... Continue Reading →


Freshly Squeezed News: Food marketing wiz is making lunch meats cool

“Jeff Fromm, a partner at ad agency Barkley, says there are three keys to attracting millennials: participating in cultural conversations, creating emotional ties to the group and staying innovative.” Food marketing wiz is making lunch meats cool “When a company has a product or service that potentially has mass appeal and/or tons of competitors,... Continue Reading →

We Must Take Risks As Entrepreneurs In Order To Succeed

By: Michael Harris-Arzon, The Simplistic Professional Years ago I was asked a question, that to me seemed utterly ridiculous. This was before we launched ArdynnMG and I was Director Of Marketing for Dominion Enterprises and oversaw all 14 companies and their corresponding brands. The SVP Of HR asked me how I had access to so... Continue Reading →

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