How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Company’s Other Marketing Efforts

Gone are the days where professionals, and brands alike, segment their marketing efforts due to the fear of missing out on message delivery. The use of social media and other online mediums has become common place. Yet most still have issues in creating a balanced campaign that uses the individual strengths of an outlet.

While a brand or marketing team may have designed a quality, targeted ad message, most fail to adapt and change the ad to meet the specific user needs of a particular social media outlet.

Twitter is meant to engage and hold a conversation, while Facebook is ideal for delivering detailed content messages. LinkedIn is more ideal for making those professional introductions for a brand that will lead to word of mouth referral business and investor growth opportunities. Instagram is perfect long term strategies and building brand strength around core messages and beliefs.

The list goes on and on, but these are just a part of a professional’s or brands’ marketing components. For example, during a trade show or live conference, think about having an iPad that is being mirrored (via an Apple TV) to a large screen at the booth. And as you interact with your audience, ask them to relay their thoughts or reviews of your brand or product via Twitter, then and there. Tell them that by doing so, they are not only engaging their followers, but because they are mentioning you, they are able to capitalize on your brands following and potentially grow their own. Its a simple way of holding a potential clients attention, while getting them to actually think about your brand or product and not just listening to a sales pitch in order to get a give away or contest entry.

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Michael Harris-ArzonPresident, Ardynn Media

Dadologist Discovers iTunes Deceiving Customers With Wrong Movie Ratings To Increases Sales

2015-07-31 15.25.29

By Michael Harris-Arzon

The American consumer has come to rely on the innate credibility that only the largest corporations come to possess.  I say innate because, let’s face it, no company can pass a certain threshold unless a major part of their business strategy is providing great products and the matching customer service that comes along with those products.  This includes procuring and keeping their customers trust, no matter the cost.

For many things I have always possessed a split loyalty. For instance,  I tend to buy clothes that I like, no matter the cost or brand. I mean let’s face it, pairing a pair of Armani Exchange Jeans with a T-shirt from Target makes an awesome look.  That is how it is with almost all things in my life.  But there have been a few companies that have made such an impression over the years that I wouldn’t change brands if you paid me to. Sprint is the first company that has garnered my loyalty and it isn’t because they have been my cell phone provider for almost 20 years, but the fact that they have always treated us right.

Another tech company comes to mind when discussing brand loyalty.  And that company is Apple.

 For well over a decade I have been a complete and utterly loyal Apple fan, to the point of fanaticism.

(Makes for interesting debates with my brother Steve Walker, since he is one of Microsoft’s Top 50 Architects in the world!)

They initially became my brand of choice when I started running large marketing departments and entered the realm of advertising and graphic design.  While I had large teams producing the work, I inspected and tweaked every piece that went pout the door.  Macs have always been ideal for design work and didn’t hold the limitations of Windows based platforms.  When iTunes, iPhones and iPads came out, I was one of those first nerds in line to get my hands on each HOT PRODUCT.  I can’t tell you how many friends, family members and peers have run out to buy the next trend in technology.  We all have this need to keep up with the Jonses or Harris-Arzons of the world. And I am the first to admit that for a number of years I was part of that small group of trend setters and even hold that official distinction from REAL Trends, Inc.

Apple has become such an integral part of my families daily life, that I have become TOO TRUSTING with their Recommendations, Featured Products, Parental Controls and Restrictions.  Once we had purchased the Apple TV our household became a mini store with the number of Apple products we used on a daily basis.  We are a family of 5 and our 3 children are so tech savvy that I I have started asking our 10 year old daughter, Onyx, to help me with graphic design and web mapping projects.

Between the lot of us, our household possesses:

  • 2 Apple TVs
  • 4 iPhones
  • 5 iPads
  • 3 iPods
  • 1 Apple Watch

Over the past 5 years we have spent almost $10,000 on hardware, movies, music and Apps.  This number does’t even include the peripherals like multi chargers, Bluetooth keyboards, Bluetooth Speakers in every room etc…We have been so trustworthy of Apple that we have let our eldest child open her own iTunes account (that is linked to my bank account) and as long as she stays within her monthly budget she can order about anything as long at it fits within our xset guidelines for usage.

About two weeks ago, Onyx came to us and said she had found a new movie in iTunes she wanted to buy and watch with the whole family for our weekly movie night.  The movie was SMOSH and according to iTunes it was rated PG so we told her to go ahead and buy it and we would watch it.

2015-07-24 21.20.40

This turned into one of the biggest nightmares I have ever faced as a parent.  We were about 15 minutes into the movie when I realized that there was no way this was a PG movie.  I crabbed the iPad (which is always close to hand) and looked up the movie for details.  I was shocked that iTunes had rates SMOSH as a PG movie.  My instincts went into over drive and so my husband and I both went to the web to see what the true rating of the movie was.  Lo and behold, it is actually rated PG-13.  We sent the kids to bed and spent then next few hours talking about Apple and how our trust in them had been completely destroyed.

2015-07-24 22.02.58

In the trailer for the film, there was a reference to a microphone going up the main characters butt.  To us it seemed like it was just one of those instances that would go right over the kids head.  Lots of movies do this as a way to get adults to watch the film as well.  But once the film got rolling, there was plenty of crude and sexual humor, truly awful language, drug usage and references and list goes on and on and on.  I personally think this movie should have been rated R.  The rating agency has made a huge mistake in their rating of the movie @SMOSH.

The next movie, all three of the kids started asking if they could finish watching the movie.  They also started bombarding us with questions about scenes in the movie that they simplt couldnt comprehend.  The main problem is that the movie is very funny, but gets kids asking about secualk situations, drugs and so much more that I want to blow my top every time I think about this.

Apple and iTunes has DESTROYED MY KIDS CHILDHOOD and forced them to grow up much faster than I would like.  

Since the day we adopted all three of our kids, we have done everything we could to keep them safe, keep their innocence intact and encouraged them to be kids as long as they can.  I mean, how do you explain what it means for someone to have a microphone shoved up someones ass?  Or explain why a character called another character a “sexy little bitch'”.

Over the past few weeks we have had more discussions about uncomfortable situations than I ever care to have again with my kids.  It has taken me this long to get this down on paper with out blasting iTunes and Apple for the damage they have done to my kids and our quiet little family.

2015-08-10 20.44.24

As I sat down to right this story today, I noticed that iTunes finally had changed the rating to reflect PG-13.  The first thought I had was “How many other families have been experiencing the same nightmare that my family has gone through?”  While I am glad they have corrected the problem, we are still in the process of speaking to a lawyer about a possible civil suit against Apple.  I will never have complete trust in their company again and just pray that my kids can be persuaded to completely forget they ever saw the beginning of that movie.

Tit for Tat Daddy’s Back, and there will be HELL TO PAY! – part 1

It has been quite a while since I sat down and shared and for that I sincerely apologize.  As most of you working parents know, there are simply times when your focus needs to be on your family 1000%.  Since the beginning of the year our family has had multiple illnesses, continued school issues (all stemming from this new COMMON CORE STANDARDS crap) holidays, my oldest turning 10 and the family visit from hell.

The call for my attention has had this Dadologist stretched to the limits like never before.  Combine that with the startling realization that if the past 6 years have gone by this fast, then the next 8 years (the time when my oldest becomes a young adult) will be upon me much faster than I care to really think about.

When 2014 came to an end and I set my New Year’s Resolution, like I do each year, I had promised myself that my career needed a reboot and I had to give some time and focus to those that need my professional help.  It’s a tough decision when you are talking about pulling back from your family and getting back into the work place so that providing for the family is ensured!

If I had been working for an outside firm, I would have been fired ten times while we went through the adoption process.  Now I understand why so many deserving people give up when trying to adopt through the state.

Danny and I have been so fortunate that we are financially stable enough that we both have been able to limit or stop working for the past six years and focus on raising our three beautiful children.  We still have investments that let us live a comfortable, middle class lifestyle.  But most of you that know me, know how good I am at my job and the passion I have for bringing a brand to life and sharing it with the world.  

Even though I have maintained my most important relationships and have continued to grow my online sphere of influence or Klout as many of you know, I have also been quietly restructuring the Ardynn Brands to have a heavier reflection of our publishing capabilities.


I have sat down with the kids and talked with them about my working more and the possibility that I will not be using the home office as much.  The two little ones didn’t seem to care either way as long as I was still around.  But Onyx, our eldest, seemed very concerned that she wasn’t going to have as much time with me as she has become used to.  I knew it would be hard for the kids and myself to make this transition back to corporate America.  But this Dadologist failed to realize just how little she cared for the material things when compared to time with daddy.

Compared to most of your friends, you guys are very lucky to have the abundance of things that you do.  I doubt many of your friends’ homes have a tablet for each person, plus all the TVs, LapTops and game systems etc.  You also have gotten to travel and experience more than most kids in your class.  If I start doing things like speaking engagements, an eBook Promo Tour and large brand contracts, then we would be able to do even more and maybe even let you each bring a friend along the next time we travel.

Of course , anytime I feel like I have failed with the kids in some way, I automatically turn to bribes (like many parents I think) but Onyx still wasn’t having any part of it.  Instead, she started a round of negotiations that any CEO would be proud of.  Very cleverly she asked about the publishing side of our business  and asked me “Since we have the agreement with Apple now …….to act as Publisher for other people /clients, can’t I help you layout the the books and maybe do some of the background design work?  This way I get to spend time with you and you don’t have to pay for an assistant!”  She is the only 10 year old I know that shows such interest in the family business and has the confidence in her design work to actually be of use to certain projects.

To be continued……..

Michael Harris-Arzon
President and Dadologist
Ardynn Media Group