Our Story Tells The Tale Of How Simply Ardynn Became An International Brand

By Michael Harris_Arzon, The Simplistic Professional


The journey has been long and challenging, and I never would have guessed that as we, the Ardynn Media Group, celebrated our 10th Anniversary, we would be occupying and entirely new consumer space.

For 20 years I used my expertise to help other companies build their brand presence.  Companies like Homes.com, Move.com, Inman News, Zillow and Trulia, just to name a few.  Then when the country faced its worst economic depression in written history, I threw in the towel and opened the Ardynn Media Group.

I still worked with Top Brands across the U.S. and Canada to help them make the transition from traditional brick and mortar brands, to having an extremely, strong online presence.

For more on how our company has grown and changed over the years and the challenges we faced.  Check out the details via Our Story

ArdynnMG’ “The LIME Magazine” Merges With The Simplistic Professional 

By Michael Harris-Arzon

As with most prominent publications, it is common in our current world of business for brands to merge and act singularly under an umbrella brand.  Acting under the ArdynnMG Brand has been how we have managed our different newsfeeds, services  and products since we launched the company in 2008.  Now that we are no longer providing consulting or Public Relations Services to the open public, we are merging our various websites, magazines/blogs and social content into a single point of data and content curation.

Unfortunately, I think that many people may be under the impression that the ArdynnMG (Ardynn Media Group) has shut our doors and the couldn’t be further from the truth.  Since our company’s inception, we have undergone a number of changes that reflected the growth and addition of brands/products as we grew our influence and presence.  Typically, these changes allowed us to integrate them a bit more seemlessly due to the fact that they were minor in comparison to the changes we have in store for 2018.  An entirely new entity is set to emerge built on the solid foundation of the ArdynnMG.  Michael Harris-Arzon, President ArdynnMG

It has taken us almost a year to develop new products, map out the new company structure and design an innovative marketing campaign for the next 18 months.  So, while The LIME Magazine and The Simplistic Professional have both seen less in the way of content additions, some of you may have noticed a slow integration of daily news items into The Simplistic Professional’s core blog.  

Our goal is to have all news, original content and product sales pages integrated into the SimplisticProfessional.com website and upcoming mobile app by January 1st, 2018

Millennials Cry “Foul Play” Yet Don’t Bother To Try

By Michael Harris-Arzon, the Simplistic Professional

“It’s hard to work in a world that laughs at your existence and thinks it’s a joke.”


 “I didn’t get the job!” Or “But I have a degree in…..” Or “I DESERVED that job.”  These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to complaints associated with the Millennial generation.  Earlier today I was reading an interesting article on Fusion about the object poverty of millions of Millennials.  Granted, the core topic of the article was referring to LGBT Youth statistics and the rise in homelessness and those living below the poverty level.  Yet, the message that I keep coming back to is that Millennials want to place blame and not take any responsibility for the outcomes their actions perpetrate.

When it comes to discrimination and equality in the workplace, Americans have progressed by leaps and bounds compared to the Baby Boomer generation and beyond.  As I dissect some of the major changes in the workforce that have occurred in the past 25 years, most of the changes, I feel, have been for the better.  New fathers are eligible for parental leave when a child is born or adopted.  Workplace environments are more conducive to an employee’s individualized productivity needs.  Workspaces have evolved for many to mimic something out of a Syfi movie.  And the list goes on and on and on.

Many Millennials, unfortunately, have their families to blame for the work ethic problems they face, the attitude of automatic deserving and even the pumped up self image they all seem to possess.  I say this, because we are products of our environment and while the parents celebrate the victories of their various fights, these same parents were spoiling their kids with the latest tech toys, failing to educate this generation about the recent past and the reality of their lives.  By doing so an entire generation graduated college and went into the workforce expecting to obtain the job of their choice without having to actually prove themselves.  Now they cry foul and blame the world when they simply need to put the phone down, ignore the iPad and get their hands dirty with what ever work is required of them and learn the lesson of humility.