Letter from myself…..to myself.

Just moments ago I sat here contemplating the day ahead of me and found myself transgressing back to an earlier time. A time when memories were being made of a media titan that dared to dream to be more than Real Estates’ most influential Social Brand Expert.

What defines you???

A question that I ask every professional I sit down with. No better way is there to gauge a professional’s inner strength then to have them apply transparency to the brand they call “SELF”. We spend the bulk of our day worrying about how our professional image is perceived and tend to forget at times that social media has made all aspects of our lives public.

How transparent are you really portraying yourself? We pick and choose what moments we share from our lives and paint a portrait of the person we hope others will see. But just as Facebook now allows you to edit your posts, we are given the capability of editing our real lives. So how fair is that to those we engage with when they assume they are getting to know the real us.

What we need to realize is that the act of building a transparent brand applies to every aspect of our daily lives and that while a bit of restraint may need to be held, don’t be afraid to share the real you. People will appreciate knowing that you aren’t perfect and are merely human.

Michael Harris-Arzon
The Simplistic Professional