Our Story Tells The Tale Of How Simply Ardynn Became An International Brand

By Michael Harris_Arzon, The Simplistic Professional


The journey has been long and challenging, and I never would have guessed that as we, the Ardynn Media Group, celebrated our 10th Anniversary, we would be occupying and entirely new consumer space.

For 20 years I used my expertise to help other companies build their brand presence.  Companies like Homes.com, Move.com, Inman News, Zillow and Trulia, just to name a few.  Then when the country faced its worst economic depression in written history, I threw in the towel and opened the Ardynn Media Group.

I still worked with Top Brands across the U.S. and Canada to help them make the transition from traditional brick and mortar brands, to having an extremely, strong online presence.

For more on how our company has grown and changed over the years and the challenges we faced.  Check out the details via Our Story

Maybe a ‘Post’ Shouldn’t Be Written…Making The Best Choice

As an author, journalist and blogger there are times when I am struck by an idea that I know has the potential to be helpful and inspiring, yet I hesitate for one reason or another. Maybe I worry about offending a particular segment of my audience or that the topic is ill timed. Recently I started an article the targeted our parental readers’ yet had a hyper-personal undertone that I try to avoid. Granted these posts always showcase what I have learned as a father, but…….

Entitled “Dealing with Death, Kids and the Holidays”, I had wanted to talk about the challenge is was suddenly faced with as a father during the holidays that had just found out that my oldest sister had just passed away. While the first half of the article seemed to flow from my fingertips like water running downhill. I suddenly became a broken pencil that refused to write another word. Days went by with out anything being done to complete the article and get it posted.

At first I thought it was simply my grief getting in the way. Then it seemed that I needed to constantly be moving and doing something to keep the holiday spirit going for the kids. Now, the day before Christmas Eve I realized that subconsciously I had known it would be a downer for my readers during the most joyous time of year for families. Thus the not being able to finish the piece.

As the reality of it sunk in I knew I had made the best choice possible in not completing such a telling of a Life Lesson that hopefully most people will never have to deal with.

So the lesson today is not for you but for me. Think further ahead than the immediate emotional reaction to the material being read and consider the longer reaching affect of every piece I write. While it may help some, it is more likely that it will alienate more.

Michael Harris-Arzon
Editor, TheLimeMagazine.com

Out of The Chaos A New Generation of Sales Experts Has Been Born

busy_cityAs I sit down to write this article, I find myself struggling to control the massive amounts of information that is flowing through my head.  Let’s face it…..the world of business that I knew so well no longer exists.  I wish that I could lay all of the blame on the fact that technology has become a necessity instead of the luxury it once was.  But I can not.  I personally made the decision to pull back from the 80 hour a week work schedule….. that took me to that farthest corners of this great country of ours.  I decided that I could have it all.  A wonderful husband, a career to be envied, the home and lifestyle of my dreams and a family that would end up defining me more than any other aspect of my life.  But how would this balance be achieved?

I realized sometime ago that almost every single thing I learned about business and marketing in college is practically useless.  Fortunately I have always been extremely passionate about whatever I happen to be doing at the time.  Passion, Ethics, Integrity and a Straight Forward Attitude have served me well. When combined with an insatiable appetite for knowledge I found that what most folk thought of as trends, I could use to help clients build unbelievably strong brands.

They are called TRENDS for a reason. People tend to flock to the latest and greatest like moths to a flame. It helps them feel special. Those that have the gift of foresight are able to use that to their advantage and capitalize on the latest trends. And when those trends become the norm, then said trend spotters become part of the founding fathers club….. timely experts in their field that none can gainsay.

For the first few years of the Web 2.0 Revolution it seemed like we were beating a dead horse. Brokers, Agents, Affiliates  and other professional groups failed to realize and trust our judgment as industry leaders. I mean come on, you don’t get asked to Key Note or lead sessions at your industry’s largest conferences unless you have made it to the upper echelon on leadership. You don’t get asked to provide quotes for top journalists.  You also don’t reach the Executive Level with out proving your capability. And to ignore those of us that actually have crossed industry lines to lead in multiple industry’s is even more insane. But I digress, while we saw little acceptance of any new tools, due to the fact that too much was changing to fast, we did see trends move into the realm of common practice.

There were two factors that seemed to collide and merge and give industry leaders the leg up for a change. First of all we saw trends becoming common practice as they did not change or evaporate like trends tend to do. Secondly, REALTORS and other Sales Professionals saw themselves losing business because they were ignoring the wants of the consumer.

I can honestly say that we have the cell phone providers to thank for the second factor coming into play. Because if they hadn’t ceased to offer basic phones as a choice when customers needed a replacement phone, we would still be fighting what was once thought of as traditional forms of communication. For example, I was in a Sprint store the other day and every phone offered was a Smart Phone. I was looking for a basic phone for my eldest daughter that specifically wouldn’t let her do anything other than text or dial. She’s only nine years old and I wanted her to have one for emergency calls only.  She has a desktop computer and new iPad that gives her access to the latest technologies and tools.

With social media, press releases, blogs and app technology now the norm for sales professionals and consumers alike, the time has come for REALTORSs and all professionals to take things to the next level.  Did you know that 91% of all adults use cell phones now?  And they aren’t just using them for phone calls.  They are reading the news, watching TV and videos and sharing anything and everything they come across with friends, family and even perfect strangers.  Being a publicist is no longer a specialty, but a common place skill.

For the rest of this article I will use Facebook as my core example…just an FYI.  Facebook celebrates it’s 10 year anniversary this year and while it took professional communications and marketing experts a couple of years to determine and facilitate optimal social media engagement techniques, we are now beyond the simple posting / management on a regular basis.  Or even that it should be at least 15 minutes a day for management at a 90/10 rate of general information appropriate to target audience versus sales and promotional posting.

10 Things REALTORs And Sales Professionals Use In Order To Stay On Top:

  1. Follow back those that follow you.  But there are always exceptions.  Check out their profile and what they post.  If it could be damaging to you then block them instead of following back. Don’t rely on automated tools for this.  Take the time to do it yourself.  It also helps you to learn a bit about your new followers.
  2. Pay attention to posts in your timelines.. If it doesn’t benefit or relate to your target audience then favorite it instead of re-posting or re-tweeting.  Pay attention to blog comments and respond instead of delete.  By responding to a negative post you strengthen your level of expertise.
  3. Spend at least 25% of your marketing efforts and budget on social management.
  4. Call people by their first name and make sure to include something that lets them know you care about them on a personal level.  (While Doctors in particular have always insisted that they be called by their title, it doesn’t make them any less important in society than you.  You are an expert in your field as well.) Ask about their kids, acknowledge milestones in their lives.  Show concern when appropriate.
  5. When asking for referrals, be sure to thank the referrer and alert the new connection to whom referred them and why.  Then proceed to mention something personal to indicate that you have actually looked at.
  6. REALTORs should not simply showcase a new listing, but tell a short story about the listing.
  7. Share original content on each of your social networks.  Only exception is when you have a new blog post.  That should be shared across the board.  Remember that each network is used in different ways and tends to have differing audiences.  Example, LinkedIn is more professionals, Google+ supports organic SEO and Twitter is for conversations.
  8. Images, videos and back links are a must not an option.  With so much information coming at consumers today, we have become a very visual society.  So mind what you are showing your audience and the message they may read into it.  Images are easier to choose.  With videos, I always suggest loading them into YouTube first and not directly to Facebook.  That way you can choose the still shot that is seen before playing.  Facebook only shows the beginning image and it may not be as captivating.
  9. Try to not let a day go by with out sharing on some level.  Gone are the days of a minimum of 3 times per week.  Now it is expected to share and engage at least 5 if not 7 days a week.  Understandable that people get sick or schedules don’t’ allow and that is why I do encourage social managers to use auto posting services for a portion of their content.  But be sure that you use 3 different posting platforms so that you are putting out different content to each.  My favorite chooses are:
    1. Paper.li
    2. IFTTT App
    3. Klout.com or App
  10. Engage your audience on the playing field of THEIR CHOICE.  Each person has their own method of communication that they feel comfortible with.  That is why it is crucial to be an expert in each are.
    1. Social Media
    2. Email
    3. Phone Calls
    4. Face to Face
    5. Video Calls ie: Face Time or Skype
    6.  Texting (when texting is the chosen medium of comminque, refrain from LEET Speak and use proper grammar and spelling.  While it is faster and commonly understood these days, it is not very professional and the image of expertise and professionalism must be maintained at all costs.  Even if it means a few more seconds to compose a message.

Sales professionals that use these 10 tips as a starting point to managing and curating content and engagement will have a huge leg up on the competition.  But creativity, recognizing trends and thinking outside the box must also come into play if you want to stay ahead of the pack.

Michael Harris – Arzon

The Simplistic Professional, @SimplisticPro

President, Ardynn Media Group