We Must Take Risks As Entrepreneurs In Order To Succeed

By: Michael Harris-Arzon, The Simplistic Professional

Years ago I was asked a question, that to me seemed utterly ridiculous. This was before we launched ArdynnMG and I was Director Of Marketing for Dominion Enterprises and oversaw all 14 companies and their corresponding brands. The SVP Of HR asked me how I had access to so many Industry Leaders. At first I didn’t know what to say and then I realized that she and other SVP’s were envious of my contact list. After the initial shock of this odd question wore off I simply responded “I just picked up the phone and called”.

To me I had learned in the beginning of my career that there are always ways around the gatekeepers. Since I attended so many conferences and did hold a title that held quite a bit of klout at the time, I would just walk up to people and act like I knew them. This was a risk I was willing to take and it usually paid off. That’s because when you are at these large industry conferences, one tends to meet so many people that it’s hard to keep track of them all. And many don’t want to look embarrassed by not knowing who you are. So they act like they know you. Even Top CEOs have insecurities at times and want to save face when confronted in a group.

The point is, that as professionals or entrepreneurs we must take risks along the way or we would never achieve the levels of success that many of us have. It seems like every where I turn there is a new challenge or risk. Don’t be afraid just go with your instincts. Risks are worth taking.


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