Finding Balance Among The Craziness of Content Creation Means Tracking Analytics

By Michael Harris-Arzon, The Simplistic Professional

Analytics are everywhere in this new world of marketing content.  While it may be piecemeal and take some, well deserved, time to curate, it can mean the difference between being a Top Producer and a bottom feeding failure.

Data Aggregation used to be two words that the average Professional or Entrepreneur never had to really worry about, let alone know the actual meaning behind them. The main reason for this was the fact that the average person did not have to worry about brand content or the tracking there of. The addition of smart technology, combined with social media, changed our lives and careers forever.

Employers and/ or your own business plan now dictate that each of us are now responsible for delivering the corporate brand message, assist in building a loyal following and tracking the results of these efforts. Luckily, the platforms we use to create and deliver content will usually tell us how successful individual and combined postings are.

And if you can not get specific numbers or data details from your service, then there a a multitude of websites that gather analytics for any online user.

By reviewing your content analytics, it is possible to determine what types of content have the longest reach and can even tell you if a specific ad or article has ended in a direct purchase or new clientele and even where the viewer/client/individual purchaser came from (usually by simply looking at the links that were clicked on.)

By analyzing and comparing the raw numbers with the actual content, professionals and entrepreneurs are able to focus their content to meet the needs of the real audience…..which isn’t always your intended market segment. But let’s face it, money and brand growth are what’s truly important and as long as you realize who is actually making you or your company the money, then be smart and make your content meet and reflect the needs of your audience.

Reading and interpreting the aggregated data correctly will help any professional create, that seemingly, elusive balance that traditional marketers strive for with content creation.


To RePost or Not To RePost….that is the question

As many of you know I have held to strict policy of producing original content only here on The Simplistic Professional. But with a New Year comes a fresh beginning and time for change. So in addition to the new Triple Threat Daily Content from myself, there will appear re logged posts from those that I admire and wish to support.

So will I have become a consummate expert in curating content, I welcome any suggestions for posts that fit in with our basic mission.

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