Today’s Post Regarding Possible Hacking / Compromise of Xerox Bank Card Services Mysteriously Disappears


Earlier today I discovered that the Debit Card program used by OK DHS and many other government agencies has been compromised. All cards were cancelled with out a reason given. Simple text was received early am that new card had been sent.

I can’t find any info online, nothing in the news and no press releases or announcement from Xerox period.

It took hours to just get an idea of what was going on. At first I didn’t think much of it, until I learned that that account was frozen and it would be 10-14 days before a new debit card was received. The customer service rep couldn’t even tell me how all of these accounts had been compromised or if I had just become a victim of identity theft.  All she could see was that an alert was showing that all of the cards affected had had their expiration dates changed to yesterday.

I finally got them to resend a new card express delivery for Tuesday. After I got off the phone a little before 1 pm I wrote a blog post just to let people know what was happening and also posted a tweet.

At somepoint in the past few hours everything but the image associated with the post was removed from WordPress. I can’t even find it in the trash. Why would it be taken down is my question? Especially if they were hacked or compromised like Tamara over at Card Services indicated. Note to self, RECORD all telephone calls and backup all articles or blog posts via image capture.   ‪#‎breakingnews‬ ‪#‎xerox‬ 

By Michael Harris-Arzon